Research Lets People Experience What It Feels Like to Be a Cow

Research lets people experience what it feels like to be a cow
Would experiencing a day in the life of a cow make you less likely to eat meat? How would chopping down a tree affect your paper usage? These are questions that Stanford University researchers are using virtual reality to answer. “If somebody becomes … Read more on Daily Caller

79-year-old Bob Seger fan who woke up from 5-year coma will appear on talk
"She's inspirational. … She has and infectious personality," said Dr. Partha Nandi, host of Ask Dr. Nandi. "What Evie does is give you hope. Her story is not … After her story told for the first time, she appeared on CNN, National Examiner, various … Read more on Mlive- flint

Wendy Davis is the pro-choice Todd Akin
The media could not get enough of Wendy Davis. The Texas state senator who filibustered a bill restricting abortion was described by CNN as a “national phenomenon.” Davis was also celebrated on social media, with President 's official … Read more on Daily Caller

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