Robin Williams' Widow Puts Focus on Lewy Body Dementia

Robin Williams' widow puts focus on Lewy body dementia
"About 50 percent of people will develop depression or anxiety, even if they've never had those symptoms before in their life," Kluger said. "We know it's not just because Parkinson's is a bad illness. Parkinson's affects parts of the brain that are … Read more on

Why I Do This?
Over the years that I have been writing this column, I have received literally hundreds of emails of the same ilk; law firm associates looking for some sort of key that I can offer to help them jump from the madness of billable hours, to in-house work … Read more on Above the Law

How Exercise Can Combat Stress, Depression and Anxiety
The thalamus helps to relay sense information to other parts of the brain and these relays might be affected by stressful situations. Harvard reported that a regular exercise routine can combat the negative effects of depression. The … Read more on Sunrise Senior Living Blog (blog)

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