Tests Determine Your Risk of Falling

Tests determine your risk of falling
Falls are the No. 1 cause of serious orthopedic injuries, such as hip fractures, in the elderly. As a result, fall prevention has become a health care priority. Studies show that a comprehensive medical evaluation and a fall-prevention rehabilitation … Read more on Citizens Voice

Big Sid, out of the cage, now fully embraced
Therapist L.J. Batson works with Sid the dog as he undergoes at PetsWest in Aledo, Texas. Sid, who was … Nicole Oria, executive director of the veterinary board, previously told the Star-Telegram that a suspension means a … Read more on The Eagle

VA explores alternative therapies
"Even in 2004, it was like 'here's your morphine,' 'here's your oxy,' " said Ajit Pai, chief of physical medicine and rehabilitation at McGuire. "It was the choice treatment back then. The patients really didn't like it. I think we really realize now … Read more on Progress Index

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