UAB's Spain Rehab Turns 50

UAB's Spain Rehab turns 50
“Spain Rehab Center has been a source of hope and support for thousands of individuals over the years,” said Amie McLain, M.D., chair of the Department of . “We stress a rigorous, evidence-based and patient-centered … Read more on UAB Kaleidoscope

Helping patients improve function
What physical medicine rehab is as a specialty is a residency that trains people to diagnose and treat conditions of the body that have to do with muscles, nerves and joints without operating. We do procedures, but they're not surgical procedures in a … Read more on Buffalo News

“Match Day” Reveals Future Plans for New Doctors
On “Match Day,” which occurs at exactly noon, a nationally administered computerized system gives the results of the matches it has made between medical students and residency training programs across the country. … obstetrics/gynecology, orthopaedic … Read more on Wauwatosa Now

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