What Has Your Experience in Drug Rehab Like? Did It Work?

Question by Elle: What has your experience in drug rehab like? Did it work?
My now ex is currently in treatment. He left our home out of the blue, partied all of our moving money away and then cried and went to rehab. I had a “counselor” call me a couple of hours ago that was kind of a jerk, he asked what I needed from my ex. I was like, he could get his things, pay his bills, get his pets, let me move on.. the guy says “well, I don’t think he cares about any of that stuff right now, he just needs to be clean”. Uh…what about real life??? He left me in a total bind and knows it. The guy was like, can’t he just come back and get his stuff at the end of the month when he gets out? He owes me money too guy! Do they not care that the patient has abandoned their family?

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Answer by playdeaddear
Honestly, rehab did me no good. Talking things out in group and crap like that never helped me. The only reason I have yet to run back to my old ways is because of the study I am currently in. I get random drug tests until October and I don’t feel like letting everybody around me down. Sad i know, but the truth hurts.

I just turn to alcohol now =/

Rehab sucked and I left more angry and depressed than before I went in.

Answer by MusicMan
It can work, but really the best thing rehab did for me was introduce me to AA.

If your ex gets serious about being sober, he will want to clear the wreckage of his past and take responsibility for the position he has put you in.

Staying clean has to be his number one priority, but that is not an excuse to leave you in a bind.

I don’t know your situation but it will probably take time to straighten things out.(I know that sucks), but I do hope your ex does stay clean and take responsibility for his mistakes.

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