What Is the Definition of Rehabilitation Center and What Is Its History?

Question by loiz: what is the definition of rehabilitation center and what is its history?
i have been looking for the real definition of rehabilitation cnter and how it started.

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Hmmm – – – how best to answer… In one form or another there have been rehabilation centers on Earth for Centuries. Any place where one can rest & recuperate from illness or accident or addiction or an affliction is a rehabilation center. Most rehabilation centers serve as a place where one learns skill for dealing with their disability whether it be a physical handicap, a perceived addiction or an accident.

Here are a few of the oldest rehab centers..

“”The Carroll Center was organized in 1936 as the Catholic Guild for All the Blind. It was the central office for the parish guilds in the Archdiocese of Boston. From the beginning, voluntary support was vital, especially from the women in the guilds who raised funds to help the blind. The Guild provided financial aid, clothing, organized reading circles, employment-seeking assistance, talking books, recreational activities, and transportation. In 1938, Father Thomas Carroll became assistant director.
Shown here is a picture of Cardinal Cushing playing ball with children at an annual picnic for blind parishioners. He served as chairman of the Board of Directors for twenty-five years
—————-In 1954, St. Paul’s New England’s Regional Rehabilitation Center for the Newly Blind was founded. It was the nation’s first comprehensive rehabilitation center for newly-blinded civilians””””

“”1918 The concept of rehabilitation – restoring a person to a condition of health or useful, constructive activity – began to gain acceptance.

1919 Occupational therapy was recognized as an important part of the treatment of Tuberculosis in Rochester.

1922 “The Little House”, a workshop for occupational therapy, opened under the direction of Elizabeth Wise. People with disabilities manufactured and sold the products they made.

1932 The “Industrial Workshop” was incorporated. Contracts from local industries were secured, and the agency soon became the primary vocational rehabilitation provider in our region.

1932 Industrial Workshop was funded by the Community Chest-later to become the United Way.

1945 Industrial Workshop became the Rochester Rehabilitation Center — with an array of services including physical, psychiatric, and vocational rehabilitation.

1968 Rochester Rehab joined with six partner agencies to form the Al Sigl Center for Rehabilitation Agencies.

1969 50th anniversary of Rochester Rehabilitation Center. Received its first CARF (Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Center Facilities) accreditation.

1977 Over 1,000 clients served.

1984 Employment services, medical rehabilitation services, and mental health services were expanded to meet newly identified community needs. Over 2,600 clients served.

1994 The Center celebrated its 75th anniversary and a proud heritage of growth and service. Over 3,350 clients served.

1995 Rochester Rehab was the 1995 recipient of the United Way Quality Award in the area of Overcoming Disabilities. Over 3,400 clients served.

1999 The Board approved the Rehab Center’s new millenium mission statement. The Board also approved the Rehab Center’s vision of being the “premier provider of vocational rehabilitation services, specialty Outpatient Medical Rehabilitation programs, and psychiatric rehabilitation/geropsychiatric community mental health services in Central and Western “. Over 4,600 clients were served.

Over 5,500 clients served.

Parrett Paper, a product of The Out-Source, was one of four $ 100,000 grand prize winners (out of 655 entries nationwide) of the National Business Plan Competition for Nonprofit Organizations sponsored and conducted by The Yale School of Management/Goldman Sachs Foundation Partnership on Nonprofit Business Ventures. Over 5,200 clients were served and the annual budget was $ 11,000,000. “””


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