Who Hates Scientology?

Question by Boopie: Who Hates Scientology?
The are uneducated misguided idoits. It is a cult that is harmful aganist society. They attack psychiatrist and their practices and the very knowledge we have gained about mental illness. No one can tell me that I don’t need medication. I know I need medication because whenever I’m not on it I want to die.

No all conditions can be treated with merely exercise and vitamins. I have Bipolar disorder and need medication to soothe my depression and mood swings. I’ve suffered sleepless nights with terrible anxiety about nothing.

I’m a psychology major and have studied extensively on the biology of the brain. There are real defects in the brain of the mentally ill; and real pain that hurts.

Scientology offers inadequate treatments if any at all, for mental illness. A realist knows that no one should live a miserable life it they don’t have to. Does anyone agree with me? I want to destroy this cult before it brain-washes the public into believing that mental illness doesn’t exist

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Answer by mel
I appreciate all forms of science fiction.

Answer by Grundoon
I don’t hate them. I do feel sorry for them.
AND…have you ever read a Hubbard SF tale? No science and bad fiction

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