Charles Krauthammer Versus Mark Levin: Conservative Commentators Trade

Charles Krauthammer versus Mark Levin: Conservative commentators trade
“Again, I don't have a problem with the fact that people change,” Levin said. “That isn't even my point, but to take a shot at Cruz — 'Oh, the Canadian Ted Cruz' as they were giggling the other day. And not only that, they're not the font of all … Read more on Daily Caller

Cory Booker named in Newark corruption suit
“The assets of the corporate defendants were acquired through the use of public funds obtained by the NEDC from federal, state, and local public sources,” according to the complaint. “The corporate defendants also developed projects for the city of … Read more on Daily Caller

House Votes To Cut Food Stamps Program
The proposal would allow states to enact work requirements, and time limits on people receiving food stamps. … Stop listening to Rush Limbaugh and go out and get some fresh air for once. Lila … These policies include regressive … Read more on WBUR

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