Can You Become Addicted to Opioids Using Tramadol?

Question by Chloe Megan: Can you become addicted to opioids using tramadol?
The BNF states that tramadol is not suitable in people with opioid addiction. So does this mean that tramadol is not addictive?

The BNF also states that one of the side effects of tramadol is diarrhea which doesn’t stick to the normal rules of opioids.

Is tramadol a “True” opioid?

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Answer by silky1
The widely-prescribed prescription painkiller tramadol has tricked doctors, and in turn their patients, into thinking it is a safer alternative to what are considered stronger narcotic painkillers, such as OxyContin.

The truth is, tramadol can produce a morphine- or heroin-like high, and according to public health officials, it’s in the running to compete with OxyContin addiction.

Answer by AbeLincolnParty
What another tramadol advertisement?

Tramadol binds 1/400th as much to the narcotic mu receptor, its metabolite is a better mu binder but still very weak.

This tramadol abuse is due to marketing, not due to a narcotic effect.

Tramadol promotes seizures, the standard antidote for narcotic poisoning is naloxone, and naloxone actually makes tramadol seizures worse.

Its the best idea since poop on a stick.

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