Guide to Physical Therapist Practice: What Are Physical Therapists?

Physical therapy is a form of treatment that is designed to manipulate different parts of the body in an effort to reduce pain and increase mobility and motor function.  The practice is designed to help clients regain a sense of independence and a better quality of life following surgery or the debilitating effects of illness, injury and disease.  It can also be used to help people to prevent injury, usually in the very young or the elderly.

are tasked with the diagnosis and treatment of those that require their services. Most people who require physical therapy are referred by their doctor.  Part of their job is to fully examine and draw up treatment plans that are tailored to each individual client.  They must have the ability to listen to and understand what the client is telling them and be able to communicate effectively with the client, their families and health care providers.

Physical therapists undergo many years of education and training in order to gain their licence.  They are able to assist with the treatment of many different types of conditions, including those that affect the muscles, the skeleton, heart and lung patients and those that suffer with neurological disorders. They can treat people of all ages, although some physical therapists train in specific areas such as geriatrics or orthopaedics.

Physical therapy is designed to educate the client on health and wellbeing as well as helping in their rehabilitation.  Physical therapy is only a part of the recovery process and cannot be successful without the help of the client him or herself.  The therapist will design an program of treatment that will be based entirely upon the condition they are treating and will revolve around getting the client mobile if necessary and teaching them how to function in daily life.

It will help to reduce any pain and discomfort that the client is feeling as well. Physical therapists also work hand in hand with other health care professionals to ensure the quality of treatment is the best for the client.

Physical therapy is a program of treatment that is designed to assist without causing any more pain than the client is already feeling.  It is a very non-intrusive method of treatment and does not involve the use of surgery or drugs. The program of treatment may be made up of a combination of manual therapy, muscular stimulation and exercises that are designed to give the best results for the client in the quickest and safest possible time.

Some physical therapists use certain types of machinery to assist in their treatment plans.  Some may make use of special lumbar strength machinery that helps to strengthen lower back muscles. This also helps with pain relief. All clients will be taught self-help techniques that they can carry out on a daily basis at home to assist with their recovery and prevention of further problems.  Massage therapy is also widely used as  treatment method, along with manipulation. Many physical therapy programs are carried out in conjunction with the care of a chiropractor or another health care professional.

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