Christopher Hitchens on Drugs and Alcohol


Christopher Hitchens on drugs and alcohol


Dangers Of Energy Drinks: Consumption May Lead Teens To Alcohol And Drugs
The University of Michigan's recent “Monitoring the Future” study has revealed that teenagers who consume energy drinks including Red Bull and 5-Hour Energy are more likely to use alcohol, cigarettes, or drugs as they get older due to behavioral … Read more on Medical Daily

SpiralArms, 'Drugs & Alcohol' – Exclusive Video Premiere
SpiralArms unleashed their latest album 'Freedom' in 2013, and now Loudwire is teaming up with the band for the exclusive premiere of the video for their latest single 'Drugs & Alcohol' (watch above). The clip features the band playing at a house party … Read more on Loudwire

Justin Bieber's Family Has A History Of Drug & Alcohol Abuse! Could This
See, addiction can be hereditary and drug & run in the 19-year-old pop star's family!!! His mother Patti Mallette has spoken out about her childhood and about how she had major problems with drugs and booze way before her son was even … Read more on

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