How Would an Alcoholic Living in Illinois (Dupage County) Claim Disability?

Question by nikkivargez: how would an alcoholic living in illinois (dupage county) claim disability?
I am asking regarding my mother, who as decided to go into rehab. She is homeless, and I dont know what will happen to her after rehab. put her back on the streets? theres nowhere she can stay when it comes to family.

Do you have any numbers to call?
If you have any information you can give me regarding this please let me know .

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Answer by melfred_20
Its a lot of work though paper work etc and it takes almost a year for them to make a decision so apply write away it’ll be harder for you if you have to apply on her behave but they can help you with it just do what they say

Answer by Joel U
An “alcoholic” cannot claim disability anymore. This just goes to prove the 12 step program and the disease model of “alcoholism” is erroneous. It is assumed that all addicted people are pathetic dumbells who do not know they are addicted. The best thing to do is stay away from recovery groups of all kinds. Go to Books A Million and purchase a book—Rational Recovery–A new cure for (By Jack Trimpey—Pocket Books c 1996) This will free your mother from addiction if she wants to be free. Also check out the website at Good Luck and God Bless!

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