Mental Health Hospital Expands, Offers New Services for Teens and Children

Mental health hospital expands, offers new services for teens and children
The Warren County health center is starting a 16-bed inpatient diagnostic and intensive treatment program for young people ages 11 to 17. Services are for patients with mental illness, eating disorders, addiction, or a combination of health issues who … Read more on Hamilton Journal News (subscription)

SAN BERNARDINO: Mental health center
The center not only offers counseling and behavioral health therapy. It also has, for example, exercise, nutrition and English-as-a-second-language classes, because they are linked to better self-esteem and mental health, Williams said. There also will … Read more on Press-Enterprise (blog)

Mental Illness In America's Jails And Prisons: Toward A Public Safety/Public
For example, 50 percent of males and 75 percent of female inmates in state prisons, and 75 percent of females and 63 percent of male inmates in jails, will experience a mental health problem requiring mental health services in any given year. It also … Read more on Health Affairs (blog)

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