When Should a Man “Seek Help”?

Question by trewqaton: When should a man “seek help”?
My mind seems to be becoming more disordered as time goes on. What was brain fog a few years ago is now frequent bouts of paranoia and depression. I daydream of killing people every day, despite being raised to love all things and do no evil. Perhaps most worryingly, there is a separate personality living in my head.

But all these things are controllable. I have enough sense to know that my brain is not melting, and enough mastery over my own mind to resist the urge to kill my classmates. Basically, despite the above symptoms, I am apparently quite sane.

I didn’t really worry until I started to feel like my personality was disappearing. To feel your own SELF being slowly disintegrated for no apparent reason is frankly a hellish experience.

But that seems to be over. My state of mind now is fragmented and confused. The thing in my head is angry, and my head is foggy as all hell, but I am relatively stable.

So, do I need help or not? I like being “abnormal”, but some of this is evil.
Sorry about the length of the question. I like to rant.

I also apologize for asking about this so often. I admit that I ask these things mostly to let off steam. I seriously do wonder if I should see a doctor, but I get nervous about how my family would react.

Thanks in advance.

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Answer by Kathryn R
You don’t say how old you are but if you’re an adult than you family wouldn’t have to know if you didn’t want them to. IF you’re under the age of 18 than going to a therapist or counselor might not be possible with out the permission of your parents. Although if you truly feel that you need help you should go for it no matter what other’s think. It’s ultimately you who has to live your life and deal with what ever it is that you’re dealing with.

Answer by SnizzleDizzle
What’s the worst thing that could happen if you went to a therapist and told them these things? They might help you and you’d become a little less “abnormal” as a result?

Now, what’s the worst thing that could happen if you don’t go to a doctor? You may be able to control your symptoms on a normal everyday basis, but who’s to say you might not actually act on some of your thoughts in a moment of weakness (sparked by jealousy, or intoxication, depression, etc.)

I think it’s obvious that the things going on in your head aren’t normal, and I think you can see that too. I’m sure you’re not lying about them, but I could see you exaggerating them to get attention. Why else would you post a lot about this sort of thing? It sounds like you have some issues to deal with. Therapists can often accelerate the process of identifying and dealing with those issues. Your mind is actively trying to hide the root cause of your issues from you.

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