Women and Religion; Do They Have a Place?

Question by daretodefinebeauty: Women and Religion; Do they have a place?
I have to do an essay for my relgion class. The topic being a women’s place in religion. So far my opinion is that they really don’t have one or is low compared to that of a man’s. It’d be nice to hear your thoughts or if you have any sites to refer me to on the topic, because an essay without basis will get me a bad grade, silly school systems :P.

Anyways, Thanks <3 Biblical or non-biblical references are fine. And yes, I know that in saying it without basis it's really unfair and biased. If I can find more information saying there is a place rather than there isn't I won't ignore it, I'll change my thesis, I'm just saying from my own opinion that is how I view it. Depsite the fact that I go to a catholic school, I'm in a worlds religions class - that and the fact that one of our main projects was to do a seminar on another religions, which included Wicca, I advise you to feel free to include reference to many religions that you wish to. Everything will help <3. Best answer:

Answer by Obi-Wan
I seem to thinck that a savior came from a women.
Actually they all did
thats pretty big

Answer by desiree 3
Hey, if you fail religion class, it will actually look better on your education record.

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