Who Lets Sports Writer Jeff Passan Write? “Josh Hamilton Suffers Another Very Public Relapse”?

Question by Daniel M: Who lets sports writer Jeff Passan write? “Josh Hamilton suffers another very public relapse”?
“After his spectacular fall off the wagon in January 2009 that included pictures of him licking whipped cream off a woman’s fake breasts, Hamilton knew the second alcohol touched his lips he was vulnerable not only to its seductive ways but to the gossipy culture that is making secrets an anachronism.”

Are her breasts fake Jeff or are they breasts that contain breast implants? How long is this sentence Jeff? Have you ever heard of the passive voice Jeff? Look up the meaning of “anachronism” Jeff. You have a very liberal interpretation of its meaning.

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Answer by Casey
Don’t think Jeff will be seeing your four questions.

Answer by Jack a rou
dan ,who are you to sit in judgement of anyone like you so far lived a perfect life in word tought and deed? The media is the merchant of chaos and will come after anyone that makes news..We all have our demons..Now its not streiords and drinking and drugs that josh’s own manager was doing all last year.Kick that one around mr judge..Washington never got fired or went to jail.. I suggest you look up the meaning of anachronism (meaning something that belongs to another time) Stop being so condenscending,and get the word (breasts) out of your mind, for thats all you post about.Let he who is without sin cast the first stone..Hows your family background and upbringing? The kid has a problem and in some strange way your fixated on Breasts..Maybe im nieve but maybe you can use a tune up yourself.. Im not taking sides but how dare you pass judgement on another.Thats up to the Lord..

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