To Treat Social Anxiety, Is It Possible to Be Prescribed Xanax With Out a Antidepressant Too?

Question by : to treat social anxiety, is it possible to be prescribed xanax with out a antidepressant too?
i was prescribed xanax and a antidepressant but i dont feel i need the antidepressant, should i tell my doctor that?

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Answer by Debbie ????????
Here is an answer I gave to another girl in your situation. My situation as well Her dad was so ignore those parts.

Oh great, a psychiatrist for a Dad.
Oh how I’d love to have a talk with him. You talk about anxiety and he and all of them say “depression.” Excuse me, but I never said I was depressed. I said I have ANXIETY!
THE 2 ARE NOT LINKED AND WHEN THEY ARE LINKED THE DEPRESSION IS CAUSED BY THE ANXIETY!!! All of europe knows this now and have made available “gaba-meds” to be prescribed for anxiety and they work. As soon as I finally got through the entire gamut of anti-depressants and mood stableizers then and only then would they allow me to take a drug that actually eliminates all anxiety: Gabitril, Neurontin, Lyrica, any of these. Gabitril’s latest protocol study did not show that it reduces anxiety only due to the short time-frame they designed the test for. I believe Gabitril is the best of the 3 as it does not cause weight gain and is wonderful to take at night to get deeper sleep. It takes many months to notice the change but by 6 months you will feel good and in a year all anxiety will vanish and there will be no depression underneath. US psychiatrists are so backwards they are the cause that many of us commit suicide. They don’t read the latest journals. They don’t understand how the meds even work. My Dad is a drug chemist.
Search in Bing for anti-seizure and anxiety and start reading and printing out the articles for your Dad the BIG SMART DOCTOR. And force him to learn something new.
Do not let him force anti-depressants on you for anxiety. It is wrong and it does not work. It usually makes the problem worse.
You can prove this my taking a tranquilizer. If you feel wonderful and happy then all you have is anxiety and need an anti-seizure med that eliminates anxiety. It’s that easy to prove that you do not have depression. A tranquilizer has never in the history of the world cured depression. Do you see my point?
Europe has got this one right: gaba/anti-seizure meds are the answer. The only question is which one will you tolerate the best. Lyrica works very fast: 2 weeks and no anxiety. BUT is puts on about 10 pounds like overnight. Neurontin is very strong and has the most dangerous side-effects and interactions with other meds is a problem. It can produce racing thoughts, which is what you already have! So I’d rule that one out. So I still vote for the gentle slow but effective Gabitril.
You will feel different in the beginning. Not any better, not any worse. Just different. But then as a few months pass you will see your anxiety lessen and lessen until it is gone.
Having a dad who is a psychiatrist is not a good thing. Unless he can let his ego go for long enough to read some info about what they are prescribing in Europe for anxiety or he will lead you down the wrong path. You are not depressed. You have anxiety. Kill the anxiety and you will have no depression. Ask your father to do this test with you. Ask him to give you .25mg of Xanex. If you feel a ton better then ask him why would he even consider an anti-depressant as you are not depressed? It is almost an impossible task for us patients to get through to psychiatrists.
Any other type of doctor would always keep an open mind and listen to what a patient tells them and would read any medical papers a patient would bring in. Psychiatrists take your research and they don’t even look at it and toss it on the floor next to their chair and ignore that you just handed them something. Is that not the most insane type of doctor?
My Dad gets so angry when he reads journals where doctors are prescribing meds incorrectly. He works so hard to develop medications and the doctors just go off on their own and think they know what is safe and not. Doctors do not know very much about how medications work. They seldom ever even read a drug insert that gives them the info that was carefully crafted with their limited ability to understand chemistry.

I had to take about 10 different drugs to finally find a doctor who understood that anxiety is not depression. Anxiety can cause depression if left untreated too long. But I promise if you feel depressed it will vanish if he allows you to take the proper drug to eliminate the anxiety. A “gaba” drug. You have generalized anxiety disorder and racing thoughts. You do not need an anti-depressant. Beg him if you have to, to let you take a gaba med. And while waiting for that to kick in take .25mg Xanex only as needed, and get off of those as soon as possible.
And the racing thoughts is a severe psychiatric symptom. He should know better.

Then later you may find that you have an underlying condition like Fibromyalgia that is causing these symptoms, but for now, all you can do is take control of your brain and get on the proper meds for the current problem.

Answer by zita sellers
Hello Zita here,

Sorry I do not want to explain it in detail here, i have found a video about your question but take your time to watch the video about anxiety cure naturally here

This was seen on ABC, NBC, USA TODAY, CNN

Hope this will help you.

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